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Player & Parent Expectations

                1.  Treats own players, parents and opponents  with  respect.                    
                2.  Teaches and inspires soccer players to love the game and the desire to compete  fairly.
                3.   Is the type of person he/she wants the players to be.
                4.   Has control and discipline at all times.
                5.   Respects the judgment and interpretation of the rules by the officials.
                6.   Realizes that he/she is a teacher-coach and therefore understands the game and proper soccer
                      behavior at all times.

                1.   Treats opponents with respect.
                2.   Plays hard, but plays within the rules of the game of soccer.
                3.   Demonstrates self control.
                4.   Respects officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or argument
                5.   Wins without boasting loses without excuses and never quits.
                6.    Remembers that it is a privilege to represent his/her soccer club and his /her   community.

                1.   Know the rules and understands the game.
                2.   Places health and welfare of the players above all the considerations.
                3.   Treats players and coaches courteously and demands the same from them.
                4.   Works cooperatively with fellow official linesmen.
                5.    Is fair and firm in all decision on the field.
                6.    Maintains confidence, poise and self control from start to finish of  the game

                1.   Do not coach the team players including your own youngster from  the   sidelines during the game.
                2.   Respect the judgment of the referee and do not criticize the officials.
                3.   Supportive parents focus on mastering soccer skills, knowledge and to some  extent game strategies.
                4.   Decrease the pressure to win.
                5.   Believe that soccer's primary value is to allow youth the opportunity for self- development.
                6.   Parents must understand the risks.  A soccer game is full of mistakes and the team that makes some mistakes will be fine.     Playing soccer is a willingness to chance a failure.               
                7.   Parents must understand and respect the differences between parental roles and Soccer coaching roles. Leave the coaching to the coach.  Do not coach "over the shoulder" or publicly question the coach's decisions.
 8.   Parents should control negative emotions and think positively.
                9.   Parents must show empathy for the young soccer player.  Example: "Yes, it  will be a tough game today. Let me help you get ready."

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