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Registration will be held each year in April. At this time sponsors, coaches and referees will be solicited.

Commissioners will receive player breakdowns in June. At this time they will assemble and confirm teams and coaches.      

The board or their designees will approve teams in July.  Upon approval coaches will receive their packets no later than July 31st.

Coaches will be responsible for contacting team members and arranging practices.


Practice may begin August 1st. Players will be contacted on or after this date by their respective coaches. Practice before August 1st is prohibited.

There will be a maximum of three team meetings per week (Sunday through Saturday). This includes all games and practices.



Shin Guards:

Are mandatory at all practices and games. During League games socks must cover shin guards. 


                        Cleats with toe spikes (such as baseball cleats) are not allowed.

                        Ball Sizes:

                                    U-5 through U-8 will used a size 3 ball.

                                    U-9 through U-12 will use a size 4 ball.

                                    U-13 and up will use a size 5 ball.



All players must have numbered jerseys with no duplicate numbers and shirts must be tucked in.


Goalkeeper must wear a different color shirt than either team.

                                    All other equipment such as practice balls, spikes, etc. will be optional.



U6, U7 & U8 will carry a maximum roster of (8) eight players and field four (4) players. 


U9 & U10 will carry a maximum roster of (12) twelve players and field seven (7) players including a goalie. 


U11 & U12 will carry a maximum roster of (16) sixteen players and field nine (9) players including a goalie. 


U-13 and older will carry a maximum roster of (18) eighteen players and field 9 nine or 11 players including a goalie.


(All rules are derived from FIFA LAWS OF THE GAME except as noted below)



U6 & U7:        8 minute quarters/ 32 minute match.

U8:                  8 minute quarters/ 32 minute match. 

U9 & U10:      25 minute halves/50 minute match

U11 & U12     30 minute halves/60 minute match.

U13 & UP:      35 minute halves/ 70 minute match.

                        Teams will have a 2 minute break at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters to make substitutions.

Teams will have a maximum 5 minute half time break.
Teams not on the field and not ready to resume play at the end of these intervals will be penalized with an Indirect free kick from the center spot.


            Place kick/Free kick:

U-8, U-10 Divisions- on the place kick (kickoff) and the free kick all opposing players must be at least six (6) yards from the ball. The ball must be touched and moved to be in play. Kick off may go in any direction. (backwards)


Intentional heading is a foul for players U12 and under.  If the offensive team intentionally heads the ball, the opposing team will receive an indirect kick at the point where the heading took place.  If the foul occurs in the defensive penalty box an indirect free kick shall be awarded at a point nearest the foul outside the penalty box.

            Slide Tackle:

will not be allowed in U6, U7 or U8 age groups.

Throw in:

U-7 & U-8 Division- in case of an improper throw the player will be instructed in the proper method of a throw in, after which he/she will be allowed a second chance to complete the throw.  Other divisions receive only one chance.


Penalty Kicks:

U-6 thru U-8: all kicks are indirect. (Note: the field markings will be a goal box only, there is no penalty area marked.)

U-10 and up will use both direct and indirect kicks. Any direct kick foul committed inside the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.


U-8 and below: The offside rule will not be enforced. It will be the coach's responsibility to instruct players on this rule. Offside positioning will not be used to gain advantage during the game and players should not be placed in such positions. (ie. blatant -cherry-picking).

         Break out Line: U9 & U10, When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, the

         opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the               goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed) After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the          opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal. The opposing team must also move behind the build out line prior to          a goal kick and may only cross the build out line once the ball has left the penalty area;

            The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.


         For more details please refer to this video -


Coaches will attempt to equalize playing time in each game for all players. Every player will play a minimum of HALF of each game he/she attends unless injury prevents this.


Substitutions-If playing quarters then subs during quarter breaks only, if playing halves then subs on throw in, goal kick after goal scored with the refereeā€™s permission. In case of injury substitutions may be made at any time with the referee's approval.


When possible a licensed FIFA Referee will be assigned to officiate games. Otherwise, people trained by the BMYSA will be assigned to referee the match.



The referee will enforce the rules during the match. The referee's judgments are final. No protests will be allowed In the intramural program.


WEATHER- in the case of extended inclement weather the league president or his designee will monitor the availability and conditions of the fields. He will pass on this information to the commissioners who will then inform the coaches of the situation. Each coach will be responsible to notify all his/her respective team members of delays or cancellations.


In case of deteriorating weather conditions just prior to or during the match the referee will make the final decision whether to start or continue the match.

Any games canceled because of weather will not be rescheduled.


Any fields that are taken out of play because of weather will also be closed for practice until

coaches are notified by their commissioner.


No two coaches may cancel any game on their own!!



Any team not present and ready to play (15) fifteen minutes past the scheduled starting time will forfeit that match. The referee will call the match and Inform the ref. assignor of the no-show.


Any team able to field the minimum number of players must start the match at the scheduled starting time.


The head coach is responsible for the conduct of his coaching staff, players, and parents. He will demonstrate and enforce the spirit of fair play, sportsmanship, and gentlemanly conduct both on and off the field. Everyone needs to be aware of their role in the game- coach, player, referee, and fan. This will lead to a successful game and season for all.



Player- Any player sent off for a red card violation cannot be replaced for the remainder of the game. His team will play short. The offending player will incur a one match suspension (including makeup matches). However the team will be allowed to return to its full complement of players at the next game.


Coaches may also be issued yellow or red cards for misconduct.



Parent misconduct will be handled with a warning to the Head Coach who will be responsible to warn the offending parents. If the misconduct persists, the referee will ask the offending parent(s) to leave the field area. Five (5) minutes will be given for the person(s) to withdraw, after which time the referee will abandon the game. Once abandoning the game the referee will make a detailed report to the Chief Referee who will in turn submit a report to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will decide either to reschedule the game or have the offending team forfeit. Some examples of parent misconduct are dissent, verbal abuse of team members, coaches, or officials, and entering the field of play (no one is allowed to enter the field of play without the permission of the referee).


Coaches are required to attend two meetings per year- a pre-season meeting and an end of the year election meeting.


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